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Unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs – better known as drones – have exploded in popularity in recent years for both recreational and professional use. And for good reason: these nimble fliers offer awe-inspiring new perspectives on the world by soaring hundreds of feet in the air with ease. Equipped with stabilized HD cameras, drones enable everything from artistic aerial photography to crucial infrastructure inspections.

For hobbyists, deploying a zippy quadcopter lets you capture staggering bird’s-eye footage of landscapes near impossible to reach on foot. From national parks to local landmarks, creative compositions and video abound. Meanwhile professionals across industries leverage drone capabilities for tasks like 3D modeling, mapping, surveying architecture, monitoring crops, and more.

But piloting an effective drone involves far more than just purchasing the latest DJI model and randomly joyriding around the neighborhood. Mastering the advanced skill of smoothly manipulating drone movements – while simultaneously controlling integrated camera functions – takes real practice. Much like traditional photography, capturing visually impressive aerial images relies first on the ability to deliberately move and position your equipment. Simply said: skilled flying enables great filming.

This site brings together essential advice, product reviews, technique tips and more to help both hobby drone enthusiasts and aspiring commercial operators get the most out of these amazing 21st century inventions. We cover everything from FAA regulations compliance, equipment maintenance, useful accessories, advanced flight skills, aerial photography/videography methods and editing software to help you progress on the path from novice to expert.

Ready to take your drone piloting prowess to new heights, opening up a world of artistic potential and professional opportunities? Strap in and prepare for takeoff!

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