Part 107 Study Guide


Getting a Remote Pilot Certificate under Part 107 rules is the key to unlocking the opportunity of commercial drone operations, but studying for and passing the knowledge test is often a source of anxiety for aspiring drone pilots. 

Our team at Skye007 has been through this process and passed ourselves, and we realized there were not many good centralized resources for test preparation and training. That is why we decided to create this webpage – to share the detailed study guides, practice test materials, tutorials, and other helpful info that we found most useful and effective when preparing for our own Part 107 exams. 

Our goal is not to duplicate everything that is already out there, but rather compile what worked best for us so we can help others confidently take and pass this important test to open up professional drone services. 

Consider this your one-stop shop for curated Part 107 test study resources straight from pilots in the field.

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Meet Tony Northrup

Tony's training was created several years ago, but is still very relevant to todays Part 107 test. Print Tony's attachments for this study guide.

Meet Half Chrome

Print Half Chrome's attachments for this study guide below.

John Peltier

Mr Mig's Review